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Kluwer Competition Law is an intuitive online research platform offering information superiority. The service enables you to do in-depth research in the policy areas of antitrust, mergers and cartels. It allows the user to make fast, more informed decisions in order to mitigate risk for your clients or do more in-depth.

You will have access to EU legislation, notices, decisions and news, with selected materials from key countries around the world, including China and the USA. Insight and analysis from leading experts helps you to understand the implications, supporting your strategic and tactical decision-making.

Features of the service

Modern, responsive user design: Our new interface has a simple, clear design, which helps you start your research journey quickly.

Fast and accurate research: Our new search engine technology together with topic-based organization for competition law help you quickly pinpoint the content you need.

Find answers in your trusted content more quickly: Our advanced browsing and improved search filtering options for access to more than 100 leading books, loose leafs and journals help you find guidance and opinion more easily.

A refreshed results page: Offering you additional features focused on ease of discovery of relevant documents.

Share content more easily: Flexible print options and improved email document choices enable you to do more with the results of your research.

Kluwer Competition Law in numbers

1,500+ authors
28,000+ documents
105+ books
70+ jurisdictions


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